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Privacy Policy

41photosnuff.in understands the importance of protecting the privacy of it's customers. Our Privacy Policy has been updated to give you a better understanding of how we treat your data and also to call your attention to new features. Please review this Privacy Policy and manner in which the information shall be utilized. The personal information so collected is used to market, study, analysis, process and improve the services offered by us and our subsidiaries/associates and also to contact you with updates to the web site or for other marketing and internal business analytical / review purposes.Delivery Charges and Payment gateway charges will be charged extra apart from product price.

What information does 41photosnuff.in capture about visitors to its web site?

The 41photosnuff.in web server uses an extended log file format whichcaptures date and time of visit, referring address (location from which a visitor comes to 41photosnuff.in, type of Internet browser, and visitor's IP address (Each computer that connects to the Internet is assigned a unique number, an IP address, for identification purposes). The log file does not capture a visitor's email address.

Does 41photosnuff.in ask for personal information?

No, 41photosnuff.in do not mandatorily ask for your personal information. There are pages by which a user can contact 41photosnuff.in and buy products but sharing personal information is entirely on the discretion of the user and thus at sole risk of the user/cutomer. We may encourage you to register your details with personal information for login account purposes only as 41photosnuff.in does not ask for or store any financial information of any party and sharing of personal information during registration process is to contact you for updates, new products range and offerings which is at choice of the customer. However, by providing personal information to us when you create or update your account and profile, you are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms and conditions of 41photosnuff.in user agreement and freely accepting and agreeing to our processing of your personal information in ways set out by this Privacy Policy or as amended from time to time.

How does 41photosnuff.in use the personal information?

The information collected through this site helps us identify the type of web site content our customers value most. We use this information to market and improve the web site and our services. We also use this information to send you emailers / notifications for various purposes including but not limited to information on new products, best sellers, order processing and to contact you by other means for marketing and other purposes. Our policy is to not give, sell or otherwise distribute the information collected through this site to third parties outside of 41photosnuff.in and its subsidiaries/associates (unless required by law).